5 Surprising Turkish Coffee Benefits

5 Surprising Turkish Coffee Benefits - Featured Image

Aside from hot air balloons and scenic landscapes, Turkey is a country that's also known for its coffee. Sipping a cup of Turkish coffee is almost like taking a trip to Istanbul's cobblestone streets where it's teeming with tradition from hundreds of years ago. In this article, you'll discover some of the most fascinating Turkish coffee benefits.

What is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is more intense and much thicker than regular coffee. There is absolutely no filter used in making it.

The creation of rich, flavorful, and aromatic Turkish coffee lies in the preparation. It begins with coffee beans that are very finely ground (about the same consistency as flour or powdered sugar). Ground coffee is then combined with hot water. Immediately after heating, the crema, which is a fancy word for white foam that forms on top, is extracted with a spoon and placed in a cup. The rest of the coffee is poured slowly into the cup shortly after, leaving the sediments behind.

A more intense caramel flavor transpires if sugar is included. Spices like Cardamom is usually added together with sugar before boiling in order to give the coffee an extra depth. Some people use milk in place of water to balance the intensity. Needless to say, it all depends on preference.

Watch this video on how to make Turkish coffee so that you have a clearer idea on how it's actually done.

You should already know what Turkish coffee is by now. Next, let's find out some of the Turkish coffee benefits.

Turkish Coffee Benefits

Lowers Risk of Cancer

Turkish Coffee Benefits - Lowers Risk of Cancer

Studies have shown that there is a strong link between consumption of black coffee and a decline in the likelihood of certain cancers. In particular, the risk of uterine endometrium and liver cancers are reduced.

Coffee generally provides this benefit, but Turkish coffee amplifies it. Turkish coffee is rich in antioxidants due to its concentration. In fact, it has more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables.

Lower Risk of Diabetes

Turkish Coffee Benefits - Lower Risk of Diabetes

While traditional Turkish coffee is made with adding a few tablespoons of sugar, leaving it out can help in reducing the risk of diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes. Regular coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from the disease by as much as 23-50%.

Enhances Cognitive Ability

Turkish Coffee Benefits - Enhances Cognitive Ability

Coffee has an amazing ability to boost the mind. Turkish coffee can amplify it even longer. It also provides an extra boost to the immune system, which shields us from diseases, such as dementia and Parkinson's.

Having said that, it is important to note that 1-2 cups a day is enough in order to maintain this benefit. There are no verified findings to prove that increased consumption of more than 2 cups a day will enhance one's cognitive ability even more. As with all things, consume moderately.

Burns More Fat

Turkish Coffee Benefits - Burns More Fat

Turkish coffee is packed with caffeine. The chemical stimulates the nervous system to burn body fat. Furthermore, it prepares the body for intense physical activity by increasing the adrenaline levels. It is said to be improve athletic performance by 11-12%.

Before you go on a run or attend gym class, drink a cup of Turkish coffee. You'll be packed with energy in no time.

Health Benefits of Cardamom Coffee

Turkish Coffee Benefits - Health Benefits of Cardamom Coffee

Cardamom is a super ingredient that packs a lot of benefits. When mixed with Turkish coffee, it enhances its cancer-fighting ability, decreases blood pressure, fight inflammation, prevent cell damage, enhance digestion, relieve nausea, and strengthens the stomach.

That's a lot of benefits on top of the aromatic flavor it adds to Turkish coffee. Cardamom is the icing on the cake that takes coffee drinking to a whole new level.

Where to Get Turkish Coffee

No need to fly all the way to Istanbul to get all the Turkish coffee benefits. You can make Turkish coffee at the comfort of your home. Here's what you need to make authentic Turkish coffee at home:

1. Authentic Turkish Coffee Beans

When it comes to quality and authenticity, very few can compare to the Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee. Turks can attest to it. This is the closest thing to Turkish coffee that you can find outside of its origin. It is made with very finely ground and uniformly sized coffee beans. You'll surely get hooked once you try it out.

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

2. Turkish Coffee Pot

Nothing beats making a delicious cup of Turkish coffee than with the exact tools that were used to create it a long time ago. The ones listed below are proven to be sturdy and won't result in a brassy taste:

CopperBull Cezve Ibrik Briki with Brass Handle

The Silk Road Trade Cezve Ibrik Briki with Wooden Handle

3. Cardamom

Last but not the least, you can't possibly have the full experience without obtaining a bottle of Cardamom. Add a few dashes before boiling, and you will get all the healthy Turkish coffee benefits.

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