The Best Paper Coffee Filters: Your Complete Buying Guide

The Best Paper Coffee Filters - Featured Image

If you can't go about your day without a good cup of brewed coffee, then a coffee filter is probably a staple for you. In this article, we will talk about the best paper coffee filters.

What is the Paper Coffee Filter For? 

A paper coffee filters' job is to separate the coffee grounds from the liquid so that you are left with a great tasting caffeinated drink.

Paper coffee filters come in different shapes and sizes. If you’ve been looking around for a while, you may have noticed that there are two main kind: bleached and unbleached.

Bleached vs. Unbleached

When choosing a paper coffee filter, you'll have to choose between bleached or unbleached. But what's the difference?

Bleached Paper Coffee Filter

Bleached Paper Coffee Filter

In order to clean the paper and make it white, it needs to be treated with chlorine or go through a process called oxygen bleaching. The entire bleaching process has one key advantage: it doesn't add any flavor to the coffee.

However, bleaching comes at a cost. It was found that the intake of chlorine from these filters is harmful to health. Moreover, it is also damaging to the environment.

Using an oxygen-bleached filter is a better alternative. It has the same advantage and doesn't have the issues of chlorine-based bleached paper.

Unbleached Paper Coffee Filter

Unbleached Paper Coffee Filter

Unbleached paper coffee filters have a light brown color. They do not go through the rigorous and chemical-intensive process that bleached paper coffee filters have undergone. Due to this, they are generally less hazardous to health.

Not only are unbleached coffee filters safer for your health, they are also environmentally safe because they do not leave harmful chemicals on the ground when they decompose.

The only problem is that they add a particular taste to the coffee. It's like a pulpy taste that you can easily detect when drinking your coffee.

The Verdict

Oxygen-bleached and unbleached are the best paper coffee filters to choose. If you're bent on using an unbleached filter, pre-soaking it takes out the substances that would otherwise affect the taste of coffee. Pre-soaking also saturates the filter so that it doesn’t end up absorbing oils that add depth to your brew.

Shape and Size of a Coffee Filter

The shape of the paper coffee filter you should buy will depend on the type of coffee maker that you are using.

You will get a slightly stronger taste with a conical filter because the shape gives the water more room to interact with the coffee grounds. It also has a longer seeping time compared to that of the flat-bottomed coffee filter.

In addition, the size of the paper coffee filter will depend on the capacity of your coffee maker. The standard cone filter sizes are:

  • Size #1: Fits single-serve electric cone coffee makers
  • Size #2: Fits 2-6 cup electric coffee makers and 1 cup non-electric cone coffee makers
  • Size #4: Fits all 8-12 cup cone coffee makers
  • Size #6: Fits 10 cup non-electric cone coffee makers

The Best Paper Coffee Filters

Are ready to decide which one to choose? We’ve rounded up the best paper coffee filters for you to try out. They come in various shapes and sizes.

Hario V60 Paper Coffee Filters, #1 and #2

These Hario Paper coffee filters are made of unbleached paper. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your coffee. The filters are thick enough to withstand the water passing through. When it comes to the price, you'll be happy to know that the Hario V60 Paper Coffee Filter does not break the bank.

Melitta Cone Coffee Filters Natural Brown, #4 and #6

This is the recommended coffee filter for larger servings. The Melitta Cone is known for its capacity to hold large quantities of water without affecting the overall taste of coffee. It comes with special micro perforations to let the essential bits of the coffee grounds pass through and leave the unwanted stuff out.

Melitta 62957 Natural Brown Basket Coffee Filter, #4

As far as basket-type paper coffee filters go, the Mellita still offers the best quality. It can hold vast amounts of coffee, just like its cone-shaped counterparts.

Furthermore, the company makes yearly contributions to global relief eco-restoration projects in order to continually replenish trees. It’s a brand that gives back.

Every step of the coffee-making process is essential - from the selection of beans to the brewing process. Making the right decision when it comes to the best paper coffee filters makes your whole coffee experience much more special.

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