Top 4 Keto Friendly Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Top 4 Keto Friendly Coffee Creamer Alternatives - Featured Image

Thinking about going on a keto diet? The good news is that you don't need to give up your coffee drinking habit. Even though black coffee is recommended for this type of diet, there are several keto friendly coffee creamer alternatives that can be used for those who still prefer to add sweeteners to their coffee.

There are several things to look out for in a keto friendly coffee creamer. Before we discuss what these factors are, let's first go back to basics and define what a ketogenic diet is.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic Diet - Low Carb Vegetables

Low-carb vegetables

A ketogenic diet is an exceptionally low-carb and high-fat diet. It entails consuming very little carbohydrates and replacing them with fat-rich food. The idea is to make the body become accustomed to taking its energy from fat - a condition referred to as ketosis.

Once the body reaches ketosis, it will keep burning fat. The liver will also turn fat into ketone, a substance that supplies energy to the brain.

This type of diet is really popular among those who want to lose weight quickly.

What to Consider When Buying a Keto Friendly Coffee Creamer

It is essential to keep your carbohydrate intake at low levels in order to maintain a state of ketosis.

Most of the coffee creamer brands sold at retail stores will contain lots of sugars and high-carb ingredients. These additives will immediately kick you out of ketosis and put all your efforts to waste. That is why you need to pick a coffee creamer that is sugar free and with nearly zero traces of carbs.

7 Tasty and Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Not into ketogenic diet? Check out our picks for healthy coffee creamer alternatives.

We picked 4 of the best keto friendly coffee creamer alternatives and coffee creamers for you so that you don't have to keep on second-guessing whether you're still on ketosis or not. Simply pick one below, and you'll be guaranteed that the product you're consuming is keto-friendly.

Level Up Grass Fed Coffee Creamer?

If you're looking for a way to achieve sustained levels of energy throughout the day, then LevelUp Grass-Fed Creamer is the keto friendly coffee creamer for you. It is an all-natural, ketogenic solution for making the ideal cup of "keto coffee". It contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that optimize ketone production. This means that your body remains fueled for longer periods.

Vital Proteins Coconut Collagen Creamer

Vital Proteins Coconut Collagen Creamer is a tasty addition to your daily cup of joe. It is topped with collagen peptides that are sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle. This creamer is extremely rich in healthy fats from organic coconut milk. Because it is 100% natural, Vital Proteins is also completely free of dairy, soy, carrageenan, gluten, artificial sweeteners, and added sugars.

Vega Protein & Energy Vanilla Bean Protein Powder

Another wonderful all-natural addition to this list of keto friendly coffee creamers is the Vega Non Dairy Protein Powder. This creamer goes beyond just coffee, it mixes well with smoothies and shakes too.

Kiss My Keto Protein Powder / Coffee Creamer

Kiss My Keto is a keto friendly coffee creamer best known for collagen repair and recovery. This is particularly important for people who experience stiffness and constricted movement. Likewise, a healthy serving of collagen each day will aid in achieving glowing skin, shiny hair, and healthy nails.

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